Ocean DNA: Constructing “bio-map” of marine organisms using DNA sequence analyses

What kind of living organisms, where, and how much are present in marine environment? This is a basic question, but the answer has not been obtained yet. On the other hand, it is estimated that humankind has captured many marine animals as food resources and has drastically reduced their resources. In this project, using the latest eDNA analysis technology and intensive field observations, we will construct a bio-map of marine life groups existing in northwest Pacific. Furthermore, we develop an algorithm that estimates the amount of resources using the obtained information.

In order to properly conserve, maintain and utilize marine resources, it is essential to comprehensively understand its food chain structure, but due mainly to methodological limitations, this is not done. From the information that will be obtained through this project, it becomes possible to find a method of appropriate utilization and management of marine life groups, and to clarify the amount of food resources that humankind can sustainably use from the ocean. Please check this page.